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Feed My Starving Children Event 05/1/2017

On Monday, May 1st, the entire MPS LORIA team participated in a packing event for Feed My Starving Children(FMSC), a non-profit organization that provides nutritionally complete meals for malnourished children in the most severe circumstances around the world.  Our group along with other volunteers packed 17,280 meals, which is enough to feed 47 children for an entire year.  Opportunities like this are so special to us, because it is a heart-warming reminder of the impact each of us can have by reaching out to those in need.  We are extremely grateful to have been able to participate in an event like this, as it allows us to step outside of our daily routine and gain a fresh perspective on just how lucky we all are.

Please note Mike Pauritsch was unable to attend due to being out of town.

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