“MPS LORIA continually enhances our services to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.”

Insurance Planning

Group Health Benefits Services

MPS LORIA Financial Planners provides consulting, advisement and the placement of insurance policies for Employers and Individuals. Medical, Dental, Life, Disability and Long Term Care all on a Group and Individual basis. Our goal is to provide you with the level of risk protection you are comfortable with at the least costly, tax advantaged basis. For Employers, we assist you, and your employees, with your benefit needs and questions. We serve as your Independent Benefits experts, so you do not have to be, in the new and complicated world of ACA (Affordable Care Act) rules and regulations.

Our Process

  •  Review, discuss, advise and design employee benefit programs that meet your needs.
  • Procure insurance policies to provide desired benefits for eligible employees and families.
  • Communicate benefit programs to employees and provide ongoing support and assistance to them and their dependents.
  • Introduce tax advantaged methods to minimize employer and employee costs through the effective use of FSAs, HSAs and HRAs.
  • Review feasibility of self-funded group medical plans for small employers negatively impacted by ACA required Community Rating
  • Provide self-funded policy advisement and assistance to large employers, as well as help with TPA selection.
  • Negotiate and advise renewal plan options.
  • Support and assist you and your employees on each and every benefit issue throughout the policy year.
  • Advise and assist those transitioning to Medicare coverage on proper plan options and choices.

With the recent and ongoing changes, companies & individuals will need professional advisors to be current in insurance product knowledge and knowledge of the changing laws under ACA, to give prompt and correct advice. Our MPS LORIA team will put your best interests first, when recommending any insurance products and/or services.