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Quarterly Considerations – 03/31/2016

Plan Sponsors

Finally Here – The DOL released the long awaited “Conflict of Interest Rule” expanding fiduciary status to parties working with IRAs and defined contribution plans. Our Fiduciary Focus provides additional details on this important development.

Customize for Control – Plan sponsors’ desire for greater control and flexibility has led to a 65% increase in the use of white-label funds, according to a PIMCO survey. Benefits include simplified investment menus, reduced reliance on brand names and streamlined manager replacements.

Taking Action – Planned changes to mortality tables in 2017 may cause a decline in funded ratios and higher costs for cash outs and PBGC
premiums. Lump sum payouts this year can help to reduce this impact.

Nonprofit Organizations

Steady and Stable – Fitch’s credit rating assigned to the higher education portfolio remained stable despite negative investment returns for FY2015 as surveyed by Commonfund. Ratings are typically unaffected by short periods of weaker returns. Also helping, is that endowment draw accounts for approximately 10% or less of most rated institutions’ annual revenues.

Private Clients

Retirement Roadmap – The beginning of the year is often a good time to revisit your investment and retirement plan to ensure everything is up to date. MPS LORIA has a comprehensive financial planning guide that can help you determine if your current investment strategy is sufficient to achieve your long run investment and retirement goals. Contact us for your copy.

Rise of the Robos – Robo advisors are gaining more and more attention in the financial press as of late. While automated investment solutions can be appropriate in some situations, they lack the flexibility to incorporate complex tax and estate planning considerations into the overall investment plan. Additionally, a lack of human interaction can be problematic in times of market stress and elevated volatility. MPS LORIA provides a highly customized, high touch approach to complex personal wealth management.  Tax Turbulence – MPS LORIA has been on the forefront of the utilization of investment strategies designed to maximize after-tax return. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how we might help improve the after-tax efficiency of your investment portfolio.

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