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Quarterly Considerations 03/31/2017

Plan Sponsors
Broader Solutions – We now offer a small market 401(k) plan solution that provides fiduciary support, discretionary investment services and competitive costs.  Feel free to inquire with your consulting team for more information.

Running on Empty – 21 percent of retirement plan participants who selected a lump sum from either a DB or DC plan say they depleted it, according to a MetLife study. Those who depleted did so, on average, in five and a half years.

Private Clients
Yields Up – We recently approved a strategic allocation to High Yield Municipal Bonds. High Yield Munis offer enhanced yields relative to their investment grade counterparts, the tax advantages associated with muni bond investing, and a much lower default risk relative to similarly rated high yield corporate bonds.  Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how High Yield Municipal Bonds might enhance your taxable portfolio.

Feeling Charitable? – Charitable giving is sometimes considered more of a tax planning tool than a conduit by which to accomplish philanthropic goals.  However, as the federal estate tax exemption has increased to $5.49 million per individual for 2017, the tax benefits of charitable gifting have become less  relevant. Further, the Trump Administration has talked about repealing the estate tax entirely. Have you considered charitable intentions beyond merely maximizing the tax benefits? We can help you evaluate a number of initiatives designed to help you achieve your philanthropic goals and objectives.

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