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Quarterly Considerations 12/31/2016

Plan Sponsors

Index Trend – Use of index funds in 401(k) plans continues to increase, as evident by 89% of 401(k) plans now offering index funds, up from 79% in 2006. Plan assets invested in index funds rose from 17% to 29% during that period, according to a Brightscope/ICI study.

Full Circle – 2016 was a year of big pension funding swings, but ended up nearly where it began with a funded ratio of 81.0%. Anticipated multiple interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve in 2017 could result in some major gains in funding.

Nonprofit Organizations

Added Oversight – After a wave of recent 403(b) plan lawsuits, nonprofit organizations would be wise to ramp up oversight of their plan design, investments and recordkeeping fees. Let us know if you would like complimentary observations and considerations for your Plan.

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