Why It Matters

MPS LORIA  has earned the prestigious Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification as an Investment Advisory firm. 

This certification has only been earned by a very small percent of advisory firms in the entire state of Illinois which further sets MPS LORIA apart from most advisory firms.  The CEFEX certification ensures that we have prudent fiduciary best practices in place and a culture of excellence, supported by documented and structured processes.  MPS LORIA understands that establishing trust with our clients is the key to successful, long-term relationships and we believe that trust is earned, not given.

A CEFEX-certified Investment Advisory firm has demonstrated, through rigorous annual audits, that it has the best fiduciary practices in place. This means the firm has sound investment processes which are documented and therefore consistent.  Investors who use CEFEX-certified Advisors have selected trustworthy organizations which are dedicated to safeguarding their clients’ best interests.

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Core requirements for certification

1. Know standards, laws and trust provisions
2. Diversify assets to specific risk/return profile of the client
3. Prepare an investment policy statement
4. Use prudent experts and document due diligence
5. Control and account for investment expenses
6. Monitor the activities of prudent experts
7. Avoid prohibited transactions and avoid or manage conflicts of interest in favor of the client

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