“MPS LORIA continually enhances our services to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.”

Private Wealth Planning

Goals Based Planning

We all have goals in life, however, sometimes these goals have not been properly evaluated or a plan on how to best attain those goals has not been created.  In the data gathering stage your MPS LORIA team will evaluate your stated needs and objectives to help you determine and prioritize your goals.




Coordination of Advisors

In many cases, planning involves the need for a team of professionals to work together. MPS LORIA helps to serve the role of “quarterback” and will coordinate with each of your advisors, such as attorneys and accountants so that everyone is on the same page with your planning decisions. (Note: MPS LORIA does not offer accounting, tax or legal advice).


Wealth Transfer Planning

Clients will need to determine how to transfer what they have worked so hard to create. Your MPS LORIA team will work with your other advisors to determine the best wealth transfer options for you. Proper planning for wealth transfer includes evaluating when these transfers should occur and determining the most efficient manner in which to execute your plan.


Business Succession Planning

For a business owner, typically the largest asset they own is their business. At some point all business owners will need to determine an Exit Strategy. This strategy can involve an internal succession to family and/or employees or can involve an external transition. Properly structuring a succession plan is critical for the owner and their family as well as the future viability of the business. Your MPS LORIA team will work with your other advisors to determine the best options for you to accomplish your goals.



Philanthropic Planning

For many clients, there is the desire or passion to leave money or assets to certain organizations or causes. There are a variety of approaches to accomplish this goal while confirming it does not jeopardize your current financial stability. MPS LORIA will discuss these options and how best to incorporate them into your overall plan.